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  fA typical course of bleaching  can produce dramatic improvements in cosmetic appearance                     
  fA typical course of bleaching  can produce dramatic improvements in cosmetic appearance                      

Technology With Us

Intra Oral Camera

“Seeing is believing it”. If there is no pain or obvious problem patient will not feel any need for treatment, though the truth is that most of the dental problems if taken care of early not only cost you less but are less painful and more lasting. We show you the problem with intra oral camera on the monitor before we start the treatment & also after completing it to show what we have done to your teeth.

Digital X-rays (RVG)

With digital technology x-rays are available in an instant in front of you on the monitor without need of any x-ray film. Digital x-rays have lot of advantages over conventional film x rays.No need for messy development

  • Sensor is kept for very short duration so no gagging while taking x-rays
  • 90% reduction in harmful x-ray radiation
  • safe in pregnancy & growing children
  • life long digital record on computer
  • easy to carry via email in digital format

For bloodless minor oral surgical procedures we use electrocautery unit so that you go out of the clinic without any bleeding to worry about.


For tooth colored fillings and bleaching we have cordless lightcure unit which runs on battery and gives a constant intensity of light for optimal working.


Piezoultrasonic scaler equipment does no harm to the teeth while cleaning them efficiently. With seven separate tips on both the scalers no need to worry about repeated use between patients.


For removing stubborn stains of tobacoo chewing & smoking ,without actually touching the tooth surface.


Most popular in USA the EVERBRITE® bleaching system gives 8-10 shades lighter in just 45 minutes at one go


For more precise and accurade root canal treatment in fewer sittings.