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  fA typical course of bleaching  can produce dramatic improvements in cosmetic appearance                     
  fA typical course of bleaching  can produce dramatic improvements in cosmetic appearance                      


One of the oldest superspeciality of dentistry orthodontic treatment or more commonly known as BRACES takes care of irregular teeth. Though the treatment is long (around 18-24 months) with recent advances the time is reduced to an extent and the final out come of the treatment oversees all the other aspects. This treatment not only changes the face of the patient but overall outlook of the patient towards life with an added confidence and smartness.

Orthodontic treatment can be divided into FIVE groups,

    Many cases if detected early at around 6-8 years of age can be treated effectively with braces only,which if left untreated at this age will need surgery along with braces adding to both cost & suffering to the patient. Moreover many bad oral habits like thumb sucking,nail biting,tongue thrusting and oral breathing can be corrected effectively at this age without causing permanent damage to the face.
    The best age for orthodontic treatment for a normal growing child is this age as during this age maximum advantage of growth is taken to influence the skeletal pattern along with dental irregularities.
    Common myth that braces are for children only is not true anymore. Whole new concept of adult orthodontics has evolved. Patients of any age if have good bone support can have braces and boost their personnel and social lives. With recent advances and variety of braces like micro implants,lingual braces ,clear aligners etc. this treatment is favoured by many adults these days.
    To accomplish optimal orthodontic treatment,oral surgery sometimes may be required. Jaw surgery along with orthodontic treatment is called ORTHOGNATHIC SURGERY. Patients who have congenital,developmental or acquired dentofacial abnormalities may require orthodontic alignment of teeth as well as surgical movement of either or both jaws to achieve proper function of teeth and beautiful face.
    Many a times orthodontic treatment is required to accomplish final goal of other dental treatments,like tooth movement may be required for creating space for  implants or uprighting may be required for fixing a bridge etc .


For early orthodontics ,and for bad oral habit correction children need to wear these removable orthodontic appliances. These are to be removed while eating and brushing & are worn otherwise.


These braces are fixed on the tooth surface and they remain there for the whole course of treatment ranging from 10-24 months according to the patient’s need.

Fixed braces are of different types

    These are steel colored metal braces most widely used because they are the cheapest of all fixed braces.though the effectiveness is not at all compromised the only drawback is that they hurt more initially and are esthetically less acceptable.
    Metal braces are either REGULAR OR SELF LIGATING.

    Ceramic braces are tooth colored braces and so are less visible and esthetically more with recent innovations even few wires along the treatment are with tooth color coating whith are hardly noticeable.
    Ceramic Tooth Braces Metal Vs Ceramic Braces
    These braces are put on the inner side of the teeth towards tongue surface and are preferred the most by adult patients as the visibility is almost negligible and the social stigma of putting the braces at older age is not at all there.

    The clear aligners are transparent thermoplastic splint which gradually aligns the teeth and corrects the smile,this is also suited for patients who travel frequently and have to visit the orthodontist only every few months.
    With recent advances the skeletal anchorage system in form of micro implants is a boon for the patients and is mainstay of todays orthodontics.Those cases which were thought to be untreatable or had only surgical options can be treated very well with these implants.Even the regular cases when treated with micro implants give very fast and predictable results.Beneficial for patients who have less time for the treatment due to social obligations.

    24K Gold plated braces looks attractive and gold being an inert material is more Hygienic and stain resistant.
    To retain what we have achived with orthodontic treatment a retention phase is required.This phase is very important for the stability and longevity of the treatment and if not done will result into relapse of the problem.Retention can be either removable or can be fixed. The time to put on retention varies from six months to few years depending upon the severity of the problem before treatment.
    Fixed Retainer In Place Removable Retention Plates