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  fA typical course of bleaching  can produce dramatic improvements in cosmetic appearance                     
  fA typical course of bleaching  can produce dramatic improvements in cosmetic appearance                      


Also known as TOOTH WHITENING ,is a common procedure in general dentistry  & more specifically in cosmetic dentistry

Why Bleaching?

Child’s milk teeth are generally whiter than the adult teeth that follow.As a person ages adult teeth often become darker due to changes in mineral structureof tooth as enamel becomes more porus.Tooth staining can be-

Extrinsic (outer)

Mainly due to bacterial pigments,food stuffs like-tea ,coffee ,red wine & aerated drinks,and tobacoo products like-cigrattes ,pan masala, cigars etc.

Intrinsic (internal)

These are the stains incorporated vin the deeper layer of tooth structure.
Certain antibiotics like tetracycline can lead to teeth stains and due to to high level of fluoride in drinking water during tooth formative years can lead to brown staining of teeth known as FLUORISIS.

Ageing Discolortation

Due to ageing there is reduction in brilliance of enamel causing teeth to appear more yellow.


In Office Bleach

This is most effective metod,performed by the dentist by applying a high concentration of bleaching agent on teeth & activating it by bleaching light.the oxidising agent penetrates the crystal structure of enamel to oxidise the stains .the underlying layer of dentin is also bleached.

The procedure can be done in approximately 1hr. in a single visit to dentist’s office.
This procedure is followed by application of fluoride gel on bleached tooth surface. A typical course of bleaching  can produce dramatic improvements in cosmetic appearance of most stained teeth,however some stains do not respond tobleaching and can only be taken care of by veneering or crowning.Your dentist is the best judge to decide about the procedure best suited for you. At home bleaching include supply of  custom made bleaching trays by your dentist after taking impression of the arches.Bleaching gel of low concentration is supplied which is loaded in these traysb and applied surface for as long as few hours a day for a period of 5-15 days.It takes 20-30 hrs. of cumulative bleaching time to complete the whitening procedure in home bleaching system over to the tooth.

Over The Counter Bleaching

BEWARE,opposite to what is advertised these method are least  effective and very risky as the trays supplied do not adapt properly to the tooth surface and can cause spilling of bleaching agent causing chemical burns.


Side effects of bleaching include chemical burn ,sensitive teeth and over bleaching.some patients with hypersensitivity to peroxide agents can experience  allergic reactions. BLEACHING IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILD BELOW 15 YEARS OF AGE & FOR PREGNANT AND LACTATING WOMEN. Bleaching is least effective if teeth have white spots ,decay or infected gums .It is also less effective when original tooth colour is greyish.


We use state of the art ,latest and most predictable DENTAMERICA’S EVERBRITE  bleaching system .It uses plasma arc light which produces negligible heat and has a deeper penetration producing great results in very less time.